The Leaky Keg is a tavern in Westriver, Oilan. It is owned by a stout dwarf called Fahrner and appears to hold meetings. The tavern is rather dingy, with much of the furniture made of stained, mouldy wood.

History Edit

01/05/2016 (20/05/2016) Edit

Hawkin visited the Leaky Keg after being informed about the sketchy meetings that take place there by the Watchers. He scouted out the area and attempted to infiltrate the meeting by using a rather convincing bluff that he'd be invited, but Fahrner soon refuted this and kicked him out. He struggled to make out what was being said through the closed windows, so attempted to scale the building and look through an upstairs window. After failing to see or hear anything useful through this window besides seeing a person, he knocked on the window then quickly hid, seeing the face of the man he met earlier in the Shallaian Ruins. During his visit, he also noticed that people were arriving with empty tankards and passing them to Fahrner.

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