Sar is a region in Vaerun, Nova.

Sar is famous for it's farming methods and high crop yields. The soil here is incredibly fertile and they've developed their methods to maximise growth and export the food to develop the nation further. They have a democratic government, voted for by landowners whose votes are weighted by the amount of land they possess. The democratic process is constant, without fixed election dates. Instead, the patriarch of a land-owning family will constantly be in support of a particular person, and to change their support they must either send a letter with their house seal or travel to the capital, Medrin, to state this. Should a different individual become the candidate with the majority of the votes, they will become the Paramount Chief at the start of the following month. Recognising the threat of the Jun Empire, they have built a great military, easily sustained by their plentiful food. They also enforce a two-year military training period for all resident Sarians on their 16th Birthday so that they can conscripted if required.

Many of the minor native races were pushed to the fringes of Sar or abroad due to various issues in early Sarian history. There is an ongoing reassimilation of the other races continuing, but there are lingering strains and resentments that continue within certain elements. Sarians have relatively mixed skin tones, from sand to honey coloured, especially in the central regions which tend towards warm weather. They tend to have a fairly average build with wide variety in appearance, but tend towards softer facial features.

Sar has several regions, including Winnalow and The Ritau Coast as the most southerly regions.

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