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Penelope Mestindon is a resident in Bluestone, Oilan. She appears to have a great interest in magic and has attempted to hunt for magical items.

History Edit

30/04/2016 (30/04/2016) Edit

Following the rhino attack at the Badger and Rabbit, the party followed it's path of destruction through the city until they reached Penelope's house. She informed them that she accidentally conjured the rhino with a wand she received when trading information about the Trunery Hills Shallaian Ruins to a stranger the night before. The stranger had dark hair, some facial hair, a dark cloak with a hood, and very distinctive bright blue eyes. The wand turned to dust after she used it and she shared the information about the Shallaian Ruins with the party after they demonstrated some of their magical ability. She had sent a previous party to the ruins in search of a magical item, but they found only goblins. Penelope expressed an interest in becoming a regular contact of the party. Also Hawkin stole some of her precious gems he found in a secret book.

01/05/2016 (07/05/2016) Edit

After returning from the Shallaian Ruins Penelope had informed them of, Ludo attempted to sell her an incense burned they had found while there, suspected to be able to sustain living creatures as if they were undead. However, Penelope was not particularly interested as they had no proof of this function and offered 8 gold, to which they refused. She became rather resentful of the party after Magnus said she had a tiny brain.

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