The second largest trading city in Nova, Oilan sees most of Vaerun's overseas trading and is the most diverse region in Vaerun, being the first point of access for people from Galben.

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Layout[edit | edit source]

Oilan is a rich city with most residents making a good living. The poorest area is on the western side of the river, simply called Westriver, with most of the harbour dedicated to fishing. There is some poverty and homelessness, so you would expect to see beggars and urchins down most streets, however this isn't usually a major problem. Despite this, should the rich wish to travel to Westriver, they will always have a guard with them, unless they wish to keep a particularly low profile. Speaking of which, Westriver is where you find the more unsavoury establishments. Waterwatch is the eastern side of the city and mostly consists of the various trades and crafts you'd expect to find in a city. The eastern part is Bluestone, the richest district in the city.

Noteworthy Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Lavinia Palace, Queen Valerie's residence, located in Bluestone.
  • Mermaids Paradise, a famous brothel in Westriver where Vaerunians can satisfy more exotic desires
  • Roll, a gambler's den in Westriver
  • Church of Hope, Westriver's multi-faith church
  • Church of Prudence, Waterwatch's multi-faith church
  • Teer's House, the courthouse in Bluestone
  • Tania's Square, the market place in Waterwatch
  • Goldhammer, the most popular smithy, located in Waterwatch
  • Badger and Rabbit, a tavern in Bluestone, famed for serving fantastic ale.
  • Tina Tailor, a prestigious tailor in Bluestone.
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