Nova is a fictional world for D&D campaigns to take place. It is very much a work-in-progress and will be developed as campaigns unfold.

Nova All Regions Detailed

A map of Nova with the names of each region

This wiki represents knowledge the player characters can refer to when playing the campaign, should they feel the need. It can help keep track of who you know, important places and story lines.

Nova is split into three continents. From west to east they are Vaerun, Galben and Chimmo. The small island to the south is The Silent Island and isn't recognised as part of Galben.

Characteristics Edit

Nova is fairly well explored and populated as a whole, but many ancient secrets are yet to be discovered. Magic is particularly weak in Nova, with very few individuals able to cast even basic spells. As such, adventurers will be hard pressed to find magical assistance and will often be at the forefront of magical understanding and capability. There are, however, many undiscovered magical items and vaults from ages past, as well as magical scars embedded within the land, and magical creatures roaming the world. Few individuals know accurate information regarding ancient history, magical phenomena, and the divine. That being said, magic is usually seen to be a wondrous gift and is valued for the opportunities it presents when it does occur.

Race often divides regions, so most nations with have a predominant race. Despite this, there is little actual racism between common people, and a minority race can often live a happy life in a region with very different people. Obviously exceptions do exist and often cause conflict, but on the whole you can expect to normally be treated fairly while you are in most settlements, regardless as to what race you are. Wars may lead to more racial tension, but it should be manageable so long as you aren't clearly a member of the opposition.

Apart from the Yuan-ti, religion is normally fairly weak, with a number of gods being worshipped, but few temples are built and few rituals take place. Where there are temples, they are usually dedicated to personal worshipping of any god, and priests will assist with this. Once again, the exception may be the Yuan-ti as they have their own religion that crusades against every other.

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