Korin's Quay is a seedy port town a day's sail, with fair winds, north of Emenes, the local capital of the Ritau Coast region. It serves as a local hub for some of the nearby towns, primarily those further north (Roxhill, Elluran), while Roq and West Vialm, while roughly equidistant to either, prefer to trade and visit Emenes due to its size. It is named, like the River Korin which passes through it, after the noble family Korin of ages past whom have since fallen into obscurity. It is known unofficially for being frequented by pirates and smugglers who don't want to stop into Emenes, and is not frequented by the larger merchants, who prefer to steer clear of it. It smells of salt and fish, and the meagre wealth of the town itself (not including the prosperous families around it) come largely from shady dealings, or fishing.

Korin's Quay is led by Tarron Shawarin, the current Paramount Chief, presiding for 5 years. Seven large noble houses farm the nearby countryside and trade in Korin's Quay, the biggest being the Bradly family. Tarron holds a narrow majority, being supported by the Bradlys and some of the smaller families.

While there are many different religious branches in the pluralistic, polytheistic Sar, many towns of Southern Sar have become dominated by the Onias House, a very broad organisation that is in keeping with the polytheism of Sar as a whole. While primarily and usually centred around Pelor, favour towards certain gods waxes and wanes depending on the challenges facing the people in the region. The head of the church branch in Korin's Quay is Rennyn Farberos.

There are a few inns and taverns in town, including the Riverside and the King's Head.

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