Fluffy is a death dog found with a party of kobolds in Trunery Hills Shallaian Ruins. He was locked by the kobold's treasure to guard it, but was tamed by the very persistent druid called Zenyth. The party were able to take the treasure and kill the kobolds, all while Fluffy was wagging his tail. He turned out to be a very bad guard dog indeed. Zenyth later released Fluffy and fed him some rations. He then followed the party out of the ruins and slept alongside them.

History Edit

01/05/2016 (08/05/2016) Edit

Fluffy travelled with the party back to Oilan and stayed with Zenyth, outside the city walls. He saw some movement in a forest nearby and ran after it, followed by Zenyth. Fluffy chased a deer down and started eating it while Zenyth got distracted with the party who happened to be nearby when they were ambushed by goblins.

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