Chimmo is a very small continent in the south-west of Nova, with a landmass of approximately 900,000 km². It takes about one and a half months to travel from the west of Critink to the east of Glimmervale.

Characteristics Edit

Chimmo appears to be an untouched haven of natural beauty, with the small population being almost exclusively gnomes. Although they warmly welcome visitors, they strongly oppose any attempts other races may make to settle here. The climate is mildly warm and humid. Nature thrives here and the gnomes treat it with care. They live a very peaceful and long life, so many of them travel at some point. The three regions are perfectly friendly and will often organise events together, but they agreed to divide the land up so each subrace can explore their own interests freely. Chimmo exports unusual wares which are found nowhere else, detailed more below.

Regions Edit


A map of the regions of Chimmo

  • Critink: A region inhabited by rock gnomes and filled with their machines and inventions, their capital is Clankworks which is located deep in the mountains but is clearly visible from the surface due the high amounts of steam being vented out of the city. Much of the city's systems are automated with complex steam-powered machines. Critinkians invent both for novelty purposes and to fulfil functions at home and around the city. They export some of their inventions and are sometimes even hired to travel to another city and build one of their famous machines.
  • Nender: The deep gnomes have dug deep into the mountains here, with no visible presence on the surface. They manage to live deeper than any other race and have developed systems to handle the monsters that live below. As such, they have more access to valuable gems and ores than most races.
  • Glimmervale: Forest gnomes live in the woodlands here, making friends with small animals and practising magic, usually in the form of illusions. They have a magic academy in the capital of Splatoonk which holds a number of other races as it is the only magical institution in Nova. They practise alchemy and tend to test on the small animals they befriend (nothing dangerous, of course). Regular parties are organised by the forest gnomes for all three subraces to enjoy, usually taking place on the surface of Nender, where they demonstrate complex light shows they have rehearsed using their illusion magic.
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