The Badger and Rabbit is a famous tavern near the city centre, on the edge of Bluestone. It sells delicious ales and is often the first stop for travellers.

History Edit

30/04/2016 (30/04/2016) Edit

While Ludo and Hawkin were chatting over a pint, a rhino (later discovered to have been accidentally conjured by Penelope Mestindon) burst through the wall, severely damaging the property. This calamity brought Hawkin, Ludo, Zenyth, Magnus and Elreon for the first time. There was a single civilian fatality, with Elreon saving a second civilian from the brink of death. Although Magnus accidentally started a fire and burned down the door, she and Zenyth were able to magically snuff out the fire before it grew out of control. Not knowing what to do with the dead rhino, they finally agreed to leave it with the owner (with significant reluctance from Zenyth) and suggested he sell the leather to earn money to cover for the damages it caused.

01/05/2016 (07/05/2016) Edit

While drinking at the Badger and Rabbit, the party were confronted by Folun, a representative of The Watchers who expressed their concern for secret meetings taking place in the Leaky Keg in Westriver. They also mentioned that they were preoccupied with the assassins guild. The tavern had been crudely repaired with boards but was otherwise functioning normally again. Magnus gave the tavern owner a precious gem stone. Hawkin stole from some wealthy farmers and overheard talk of their friend apparently going missing on his journey to Oilan from Paletteville, a farming village to the west of Oilan.

04/05/2016 Edit

The party paid the Badger and Rabbit a quick visit to buy some tankards in an attempt to infiltrate the secret meetings at The Leaky Keg. After their previous generosity, the owner was happy to oblige.

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